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From COVID to Cancer, is Vitamin C the Answer?

From COVID to Cancer, is Vitamin C the Answer?
By Anita Vazquez Tibau AND Blanche D. Grube, DMD

The research on the safety and efficacy on various forms of vitamin C over the last 80 plus years, is widely established. Currently, there are clinical trials and case studies taking place on vitamin C mega dose’s, as a single therapy or in conjunction with other therapies around the globe.

Essentially, all of these studies are proving that mega dose vitamin C is highly beneficial by enhancing the quality of life for the patient and mitigating the toxic effects of chemotherapy, shortening cold symptoms, and treating viruses with  promising results. What the research is showing, even with COVID-19, is that vitamin C is a safe and effective treatment and is readily available to treat patients from COVID to cancer.

Please read and download the entire paper HERE.

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