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Diet, or the type of foods that you eat (not calories), is critical for recovery after dental revision. Removal of toxins sets the stage for recovery, but has little to do with the actual reconstruction process. Essentials in your diet are carbohydrate, protein and fat. But how much? This depends upon your Ancestral Diet. How do we know what your ancestors were eating one to two thousand years ago? We don’t. But your blood chemistry does.

Your blood chemistry holds the secrets to how much carbohydrate, protein and fat your body requires at this specific time. These amounts will change as your health improves, but monitoring your chemistry tells you what needs to be improved. Usually greater protein is required if you have had cavitation surgery, root canal teeth removed, or problems with your gums. Fat is essential for absorption of nutrients. How much? Probably far more than your TV ad education has programmed you to think. Again, your chemistry knows the answers.