Many people have been told their health problems are all in their head because their symptoms or diseases have no medically known cause or treatment.
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Mercury Facts

Dr. Huggins has discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings

Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity

Chronic Fatigue, Suicide, Brain Fog and Memory Problems

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam literally means mixed with mercury and in the dental sense that is true

Who Was
Dr. Huggins?

Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, was the world’s most controversial dentist because of his stand on trying to convince dentistry to stop the use of mercury in fillings. He had been in practice since 1962, over fifty years. He received a post–doc Master’s at the University of Colorado with emphasis on immunology/toxicology in 1990. He successfully pioneered treatments for autoimmune diseases caused by dental toxins and has personally treated over 5,000 toxic patients.

Diet, or the type of foods that you eat is critical for recovery after dental revision.

As there is always new information regarding toxicity and dental toxicity issues emerging everyday, we have created this special section.

Don't worry about an excess of vitamins. The body will take what it needs and eliminate the rest.

This program is for the health conscious people who are aware that mercury and root canal toxins are dangerous and do not want to find out what looms ahead of them.

HAH has developed a system guided by blood chemistries that have established what we call the Stability Point.

Find a dentist who is trained in, and follows the Huggins-Grube Protocol

Find a Centers
for Healing Dentist

Nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Huggins found that removing amalgams and/or root canal teeth without following the proper, step-by-step protocol could cause the onset of autoimmune diseases that were not there previously. During the final decades of his life, he pioneered the initial development of what is now known as the Huggins-Grube Patient Protection Protocol. As a highly refined standard of care, it provides far more benefit than risk.

HAH Store

Our online store at Huggins Applied Healing offers Supplements, Educational Materials, E-Books, Equipment Specials. Hal Huggins have explained how many unexplained symptoms are related to dental mercury and root canals. Also many diseases of unknown origin are related to dental mercury and root canals. Mercury fillings cause negative blood chemistry shifts.

How To Live a
Healthy Lifestyle?

Huggins Applied Healing was founded on the principles of educating those who may be suffering from dental materials and practices that may be connected to a variety of health issues. Many chronic health problems may have been caused by damage from dental fillings, root canals, cavitations, diet, or environmental toxins. Any of these can adversely change your body chemistry. This damage may have pushed your immune system over the edge, leaving you more susceptible to immune diseases.

Many years of extensive research and case studies by Dr. Hal A Huggins have grown into a business where we continue to educate and assist new clients every day. If you’ve heard about Dr. Huggins and his alternative methods for healing and would like more information, we welcome you to Contact Us.

Dr. Hal Huggins passed away peacefully at his Colorado Springs home Saturday, November 29, 2014. He was 77

Hal Huggins

Founder: Huggins Applied Healing