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Many people have been told their health problems are all in their head because their symptoms or diseases have no medically known cause or treatment. Dr. Huggins has discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings is the cause of many of these unexplained diseases and symptoms. Other standard dental practices, such as root canals, have also been shown to contribute to many health issues for which the medical community has no explanation.

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Who Was Dr. Huggins?

Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, was the world's most controversial dentist because of his stand on trying to convince dentistry to stop the use of mercury in fillings. He had been in practice since 1962, over fifty years. He received a post–doc Master's at the University of Colorado with emphasis on immunology/toxicology in 1990. He successfully pioneered treatments for autoimmune diseases caused by dental toxins and has personally treated over 5,000 toxic patients.

He lectured professionally 2,500 days in 46 of the U.S. states and 14 foreign countries. He authored several books, written over 50 articles and gave over 1,000 radio/TV interviews, including 60 Minutes Australia (1989) and 60 Minutes New Zealand (2007).

His work also extended as a consultant worldwide for multi-disciplined centers and founder of the Multi-Discipline Alliance of professionals who practice the Huggins Protocol for recovery of autoimmune diseases.

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