Biological Dentistry-Whole Body Health Shifting the Paradigm in the 21st Century

Biological Dentistry-Whole Body Health-Shifting the Paradigm in

The Global Journal of Global Otolaryngology has just published this fascinating and timely paper by Anita Vazquez Tibau, and Dr. Blanche D. Grube.

For almost two hundred years dentistry has gone through many changes. Some of the changes have been good, and some of the good changes, have been dismissed as bad. The dismissal of “The Focal Infection Theory” for example, is now proving to have been very bad. In the early 1900’s, Dr. William Hunter brought forward the idea of dental infections as being the cause of diseases [1]. Others came after Hunter, such as Dr. Frank Billings, where the term, “Focal Infection Theory” was first introduced.

We invite you to read the full PDF article HERE!


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