PZI Protamine Zinc Insulin (Softcover)

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PZI Protamine Zinc Insulin (Softcover)


PZI Protamine Zinc Insulin (Softcover)

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Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, is the victim of many grand mentors. Their stimulation led him to obtain a post doc master’s degree emphasizing immunology and toxicology from the University of Colorado in 1989. He graduated summa cum laude when he was 52 years old. His work in generating awareness of mercury toxicity, from amalgam fillings, gained him notable accolades as well as resistance from organized dentistry and medicine. His current DNA research, on the effects of root canal anaerobic bacteria, is opening new avenues of treatment effective for, previously nonresponsive, diseases.

The use of PZI has often been presented in his 2500 days of lecturing in 13 countries over the past 40 some years.