Solving The MS Mystery (Softcover)

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Solving The MS Mystery (Softcover)


Solving The MS Mystery (Softcover)

Multiple sclerosis is a mystery, even when you know where it comes from and how to solve the problems. There is another factor that is not found in the blood. The human being behind the disease. This must be addressed also.

“MS Mystery” is not a flagship book, it is more of a battleship. It has its own guns, living quarters, radar, communication system and recovery abilities for those who fall overboard.

Where does MS come from? First, of course, is genetics. You have to have a susceptibility. Then an exposure. How do you catch it? Violation of the 7-14-21 day cycles is most often a stealth factor – dental and otherwise. Although discovered by Hippocrates over 2500 years ago, it was lost for centuries. Then Huggins observed it, and made it part of the recovery events.

What are you exposed to? What constitutes a violation that can create an autoimmune disease in the body. When metals like mercury, nickel, copper (common dental materials) become attached to a cell membrane, the immune system recognizes that cell as abnormal, and one to be destroyed. If it is your own cell that was infested with a toxic metal, then you develop “auto” (self) “immune” (your white blood cells) disease.

Toxins from dead or root canal teeth can create the same autoimmune response. What if you have both? In the field of toxicology mathematics is different. One plus one equals a toxicity of far greater than two. More than exponential in some cases.

Can this be proven? Look at the white blood cell charts. One can’t dispute what happened there. Look at the lymphocyte viability. Can’t argue that either. Look at the spinal taps. Amazing. From lots of abnormal proteins to none in about 10 days. Documentation? Thousands of chemistries demonstrate that removal of dental toxins produces much healthier chemistry values. Even the DNA shows reversals of malignant to non-malignant. Why does dentistry continue to insist that there is no evidence, and that dental toxins are perfectly safe? Liability.

Can MS be cured? Probably not. Once the injury is there, your body is compromised. You can get ahead of the symptoms and appear to be healthy. You can live a normal life. But! Mess up once. Eat fish contaminated with mercury – drink a few too many cocktails, and Bingo! Your symptoms are all back.

Improvements in chemistries, porphyrins, and spinal taps, can be demonstrated – if – if – if. If your dental revision is done according to the Protocol that has been found to improve chemistries. There are about 10 critical steps that cannot be left out without seriously compromising the patient. Some are simple. Like do not ride in a car more than 3 miles after a tooth is removed or a cavitation is cleaned out. Use air cleaners. Use the rubber dam. Simple, but compromising if left out. If your nutrition is changed to match the requirements shown in your blood chemistry.

If the fillings and crowns are removed sequentially. If serum compatible dental materials are used as replacements If the post-operative instructions are followed.  If IV Vitamin C is used during the dental revision procedures.

If supplements are taken according to suggestions given by your chemistries.

If detoxification procedures are instituted in such a manner that they are adequate – but not overdone. Please note: Detoxification is Retoxification.

If follow-up blood tests are done to assure you that you are on the right path for you individually.

What’s the difference between MS, ALS, arthritis, diabetes, Lupus and the myriad of other autoimmune diseases? Not much. They all share the same type of onset causes, and they all respond to balancing the chemistry – when the patient’s head is on straight. Some people are better off emotionally if they are sick and dependent, than being healthy, working and responsible for themselves and independent.

Other than that, if you replace the term “MS” with any other autoimmune disease name, you will be 95% on target. Each disease does have its “fingerprint”, or specific difference in treatment requirement, but the overall concept is the same. Toxins create autoimmune diseases. Balancing the chemistry can restore much function – if – done properly. Otherwise, you will obtain just a small amount of improvement by removing fillings.