Perhaps a better term would be vaporize. Mercury vaporizes off the surface of amalgam fillings 24/7. Mercury also infuses into the pulp chamber of the tooth and enters the blood stream. The interaction of 5 metals constantly keeps amalgam giving off mercury as well as copper and other corrosion products (16 of them). Chewing food is but one way that mercury release in increased by hundreds up to thousands of percent. It has several different routes in which it can enter the body. None are healthful.

Root canals are recommended when a tooth has been fractured, or when decay has entered the nerve chamber and created much pain. Often the body calcifies the tooth membranes, and allows it to remain. Unusual as it sounds, the body does not like dead structures in it, and a healthy body will try to reject it. Pain requiring antibiotics and pain pills are frequently used until the immune system stops working in that area. Root canals produce toxins that can increase or create many autoimmune diseases.     

As Professor Doug Swartzendruber of the University of Colorado once said, “anything implanted into bone will create an autoimmune challenge. The only difference is the length of time it takes for a disease to appear.” We have personally seen numerous diseases with an unknown origin that may have been created by implants. It is a popular dental treatment, but not recommended for people interested in maintaining the best health.     

There are dozens of diseases and hundreds of symptoms that have been related to various dental materials. Toxicity is not generally considered when manufacturing dental materials. Durability in the hostile environment of the mouth is of more concern. Mercury is a good example, as are copper, beryllium, zinc, nickel, root canals and cavitations.

In both root canal sockets and cavitation linings, the big concern is the anaerobic bacteria. These are ones that live in the absence of oxygen. Botulism and gangrene are examples of anaerobic bacterial action. Bad bugs. If laser can kill all the bacteria, who is going to remove the dead bacteria, or the dead bone lining the sockets? 

There is no blood supply here. Laser only kills, does not clean debris. Other techniques are required to leave a clean area that can fill in with bone and new blood vessels.  

Removal of toxic dental materials will cut off the supply of toxins, but that does nothing toward healing and repair. Balancing the body chemistry is required to supply the proper raw materials to bring about healing.    

Observations have shown that if all the removal procedures (this does not count placing crowns and bridges) are accomplished within less than 30 days, healing is good. The longer over 30 days the procedures take from the initial removal, the less positive response one can expect. Frequently, when more than 6 months lapse between start and finish, the patient may find that they are worse off than when they started.     

Many Universities have published articles on the ability of Vitamin B-12 to convert mercury vapor into the much more deadly “Methyl mercury”. Methyl mercury knows no barriers, and creates far more havoc than other mercury chemicals, because of its ability to travel anywhere in the body without inhibitions. Sometimes the effects of high doses of Vitamin B-12 (over 50 micrograms) take months to correct.

We seek a client’s “Ancestral Diet”, or foods that the past 2000 years of ancestry that produced you. Your blood chemistry will divulge how much carbohydrate, protein and fat your specific body requires, as well as telling how well you digest these foods. In addition, blood tells us which supplementation (if any) that you need.

As with any adventure, it is best if one becomes educated in the process and expectations that dental revision and balancing body chemistry would do for you. You cannot test drive the results, so you should familiarize yourself with these aspects through reading books, asking professionals in the business and talking to people who have been through the processes when they are available. Even though any mercury is damaging to adjacent tissues, search to see if your diseases and symptoms are similar to those seen to improve upon correcting your body chemistry and doing dental revision.