Negative Ion Generator

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Negative Ion Generator


Negative Ion Generator

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Are you protecting the air you, your staff and, of course, your patients are breathing?

High speed drills cutting into old amalgams release many times more mercury into your breathing space than regulatory agencies allow. And—those values continue to drop.

The Safe Haven Negative Ion Generator targets the breathing air around the patient’s head, the doctor’s head and the assistant’s head. This is the most contaminated air space in the dental operatory—and the space where you spend most of your time.

A study of the biological effects of negative ions exposed many more virtues of breathing negative ions. There are numerous benefits (including energy—less emotionally volatile) that reach far beyond a clean operatory into your private out-ofoffice life.

The pitcher charges the mercury particles and sends them into the catcher which captures them on an electronic receiver.

The Negative Ion Generator Group includes 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 2 filters (should be replaced every 6 months), instructions and the booklet Negative Ions For Positive Health.

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