Huggins Client Education Packet (Booklet – Spiral Bound)


Huggins Client Education Packet (Booklet – Spiral Bound)

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Huggins Client Education Packet (Booklet – Spiral Bound)

The Huggins Client Education Packet will guide you, step-by-step, in an easy to follow format, as you plan a total dental revision program following the Huggins Protocol.

Planning a successful dental revision and detoxification program can be complex.

The Huggins Client Education Packet is a valuable tool to help you and your loved ones discover the truth behind dental toxicity and how to properly remove dangerous dental materials and recover from dental toxicity.

The Huggins Client Education Packet contains:

• Protocol for Amalgam Removal and Dental Revision booklet
• Frequently Asked Questions booklet
• Huggins Recovery Program brochure
• Biochemistry and Dental Revision Center information
• A recommended reading list to educate yourself before you make any decisions about your dental revision
• A checklist of basic health considerations
• Sample questions to ask a dentist about issues you may want addressed before treatment
• A Dental Needs/Dental History Questionnaire to help you better communicate your dental needs to a potential dentist
• Information on how to obtain a Biocompatibility Report that determines what dental materials are recommended for you according to your immune system sensitivities
• Steps to obtaining the Huggins Recovery Program – a computerized personal report to better prepare you for dental revision, detoxification and recovery by balancing your body chemistries through blood chemistry, CBC

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