Many people have been told their health problems are all in their head because their symptoms or diseases have no medically known cause or treatment.
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Assist Report Program Specifics

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Assist Report Program Specifics

This program is for the health conscious people who are aware that mercury and root canal toxins are dangerous and do not want to find out what looms ahead of them. It is designed for preventative measures when or before minor symptoms appear and recovery with the dental revision. Without the Assist Report, you have only attacked 10 percent of your concerns with dentistry alone.

In short, the goal of the Assist Report is to help you acquire the best chemistry defenses needed to survive on this planet before some problem takes root in you.

The Assist Report will give you the opportunity to learn about interpretations of your blood and other chemistries that you can use from now on and be able to keep a tally on your progress. They key here is remembering to get your follow up blood work done and reported to us.

So what IS the Assist Report?
The Assist Report Program (ARP) is a personalized, easy-to-follow, computer generated guide based on your blood chemistries, hair analysis and personal questionnaire. The ARP is used to stimulate your immune system through Nutrition and Detoxification in conjunction with your Complete Dental Revision.

Your personalized Assist Report will provide you a step-by-step outline to successfully guide you through your own treatment before, during and after your Complete Dental Revision.

Here are some items that are included but not limited to …

  • Ancestral diet explanation
  • Where you are in regards to stability points and ranges
  • Detoxification booklet Insert
  • Initial supplement supply

… In a 120 page report on how to lead your life to better health.

Now comes the tricky part. YOU are the one responsible to apply discipline to read, retain, and apply the information provided to you.