Testimonials are given to us by clients as a COURTESY for potential new clients. These testimonials were to show how Dr. Huggins Protocol has worked for them and how Dr. Huggins Protocol in general can work effectively for Dental Revision & your Immune System Recovery.

Be sure and tell Dr. Huggins that I no longer have Myasthenia Gravis! I take no immune suppressant drugs, and have no symptoms!

Recieved July 2007

I had a tremendous experience attending Dr. Huggins session. Although my interest to alternative ways in medicine began a long time ago, I found an incredible huge layer of knowledge to discover yet. Thank you Dr. Huggins for sharing this knowledge with us!

Your job is great!
Your time is great!
Your help is great!

Special thanks to Dr. Nunnally's office and his staff for their heartfelt care.
You all are in my heart!


Received June 2007

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis insisted in the 1840's that doctors wash their hands before delivering pregnant women, who were dying off with "childbed fever." Though he succeeded in bringing down the mortality rate from 25% to less than 1%, Semmelweis was still laughed to scorn, had to resign and never saw the wide acceptance of his "theory" (though giants Louis Pasteur and Oliver Wendell Holmes agreed). Doctors in New York even petitioned the Mayor against handwashing because it was bad for business-which is the current sentiment of the American Dental Association towards the banning of mercury. Dr. Huggins has solved a problem of this scope. History will certainly prove his methods and research on mercury, root canals, and dental materials to be as obviously necessary as handwashing is today in medicine.

Because of Dr. Huggins, I no longer nap two hours a day. I do not pass out anymore. I do not have vertigo anymore. I am not full of terrible rage and fear anymore. My colds are infrequent and go away in less than a week, whereas they used to come 12 times a year, plus after a workout. In the winter, I would have a 3 month sinus infection that antibiotics couldn't help. I've had only one sinus infection in two years now, and that one was my own fault because I ignored all of Huggins' advice (I ate sugar, drank coffee, and way overdid the exercise. All of the energy I regained after my revision made me feel invincible . . . like the Protocol didn't apply anymore. It did!).

I had nine deep mercury fillings and three root canals and went from a serious athlete to a chronic fatigue mess within two years of my first root canal. Fourteen years later, I had a dental revision. I thought I'd save money so I didn't go to Dr. Huggins' clinic; I went to a Mexican dentist who used to be associated with Huggins. It went fine, except I was crawling on the floor in pain for the next six months, and he left me with a mouth full of cavitations and infected areas around the root canal sites. Dr. Huggins treated me like a daughter when I called him, told me to come to a dental revision clinic, and long story short, he found the leftover infections the first dentist missed, and solved my pain problem.

Now he is helping me rebuild my nervous system through diet and supplementation, and teaching me to not overdo it (very hard) and I trust that, as he has helped me with my pain, sickness, and malaise, he will help me with getting strong again.

Dr. Huggins-Dad-I love you. You are one of the biggest answers to prayer in my whole life and my heart will burst with gratitude whenever I think of you for the rest of my life. Thank you forever.

Sincerely JG

Received 2/2007

Three years ago I traveled in an RV caravan with 20 other RV'ers from Texas throughout Mexico for 44 days. During that time it was pretty stressful for my husband and as the roads were not the best, and I lost some weight at that time. I also ate fish nearly every day! When we returned to the US, I would wake up and when I sat up, the whole world started spinning. I became very dizzy most of my waking hours, and because my body was always trying to keep its balance. I was also so very tired all the time. I have seen 3 neurologists, ear, nose, and throat doctors; I also had 2 MRI's to see if maybe I had a tumor. This whole thing started in March of 2004. Finally in June 2006 I saw a naturopathic doctor who gave me a heavy metal blood test that actually gets into the blood cell itself and found that my mercury level was in the 99 percentile! She wanted to do chelation right away, but I was very nervous because I new that I had a lot of mercury in my teeth. I got on the internet and I also had started seeing a Chiropractor who had all his amalgams removed in Canada with Dr. Huggins course and dentists who follow his protocol.

My symptoms were getting worse and my own personal doctor wanted to send me to the Mayo Clinic because she just couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My symptoms were starting to change. I also had an uncontrollable wobble, and I couldn't think straight. I had migraines 3 or 4 times a month; my tongue was always sore where it touched the mercury in my teeth. I had pretty much resigned to the fact that at my age of 57, I was becoming an old lady, which just about killed me. I am an avid fly fisherman and love to play golf, but both of these were out of the question.

After much soul searching and investigation into Dr. Huggins and his treatment, my husband and I decided that we would go ahead with the amalgam removal and since I also had a root canal on one of my front teeth I knew that it would have to be removed. I also had 4 cavitations on my wisdom teeth; this needed to be taken care of too. I met with the dental staff the first day I was there, and they put me at ease. The next morning I went into the dentist office and had the work done. I had intravenous Vitamin C during the whole procedure. When I woke up later that day, I felt great, but a little groggy. The next day, ALL my symptoms were gone! I didn't need my cane; I could turn around in a circle without holding on to something. My husband could not believe the difference in me, and I still marvel at how great I feel.

Thank you Dr. Huggins and all the wonderful people that helped me get my life back. I hope to see you on the golf course or fly fishing on the beautiful Deschutes River in Oregon.


Received 3/2007

In 1999, I became very sick and was diagnosed with MS. That year I had a complete dental revision at your clinic in PV which included consultation with you and Dr. L. Today I am completely healed and in great health. It has been over 3 years since my last MS symptom.

The root cause of my MS was, of course, the mercury toxicity from dental work. I'm not sure if you remember me as I know that you work with thousands of cases like mine. One of the unique aspects to my case was how my symptoms started the day of a dental visit where I had two old fillings removed to make room for crowns. There was a very direct cause and effect in the timing of me being healthy when I sat down in the chair of a dentist who didn't respect the toxic potential of mercury and me experiencing my first MS symptoms as I stood up and walked out.

The other unique thing about my case is how clearly God answered my prayers for healing. God led me through the misinformation of mainstream medicine to show me the truths and give me the knowledge that I needed to chart the right course of healing, which, obviously, included the information and restoration work that I received from you and your clinic.

Thank you again for your work and your passion for helping others to be healed. I have thanked God for your good work and prayed for the continuing prosperity of your ministry.

Sincerely DDK

Received 1/2005

The year 2004 was a wonderful year for me & my husband, BECUAUSE of YOU and your book. Thank you so much again.

May 2005 bring you all the best!

Love, FMS
Received 1/2005

I was a patient of yours in '93' at C/S. After the removal of the amalgams & root canal that I had pain with for 17-yrs. I had 'no more' pain in my jaw & ear. The tingling in my right arm left while I was still in the bubble with my husband. I also bought 12 books,'Its All In Your Head,' and sold them to people who would listen. When I've told dentists what I went thru, they don't believe me and say, 'there's no evidence of mercury poisoning.' Drives me crazy----I just say, 'whatever, thank goodness for Dr. Huggins.' They know you, I just like to let them know I'll have the last say.!! Thanks again Dr. Huggins.

D & G W

Received 1/2005

Thank You for helping us in a time of need and for your follow up. M's health has dramatically changed. You can give out our phone number as a reference if you want to. All the symptoms are gone. You have been recommended many times over. Thank You

M & S D
Received: 12/04

I was a patient of yours in 1993, thank goodness I found you. No MS symptoms, no pain in jaw, nice to see your picture.

Received: 12/04

Thank you for the dentist referrals, we will get right on it, because some of our family needs dental work. Buzz (GT) already has better eye-hand coordination than two years ago.


This isn't quite a question but more praise for Dr. Huggins and his staff. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! If it wasn't for Dr. Huggins and the books we found (Uninformed Consent & It's All In Your Head) my mother may very well be dead by now. Thank you for all of the work you do and the tireless effort you put into getting the truth about mercury and other toxins published to the world.


"You have helped me so much with gathering information about my upcoming dental revision. I am also pleased with your book, "The Huggins Client Education Packet."

"I ordered one recently, and I wanted you to know how grateful I am and to pass this appreciation on to Dr. Huggins. I specifically like the booklet with all of the checklists in it, its easy to read and gives me clear steps on how to approach all of this. My desire for dental revision has been clear, but I had no idea what to do, and this education packet sure helps to make some appropriate decisions for me."

I also applaud Dr. Huggins for his perseverance in helping to get all this info out despite the ADA (American Dental Association). May God Bless him.

"Thank you so much."

God Bless Dr. Huggins and his leadership to protect his fellow man. I have MS and had my one and only root canal removed and am in the final stages of having my fillings removed. In 24 hours my energy doubled, in 48 hours my walking gait and tremors ceased. I am a believer and want to thank Dr. S for informing me to your research.


To whom it may concern:
I thought that Dr. Huggins program was nothing but cloak and dagger bull. But as of May 2002, after Dr. B removed mercury and cavitations from my wife, I changed my mind. I saw a tremendous difference in her both physically and emotionally. In only eight days I could see that she was on the road to being healthy for the first time in twelve years. I am so grateful for Dr. Huggins work and for the brighter future he has given my wife.


Dr. Huggins,

I can not begin to express my gratitude for your commitment to the cause of amalgam removals, your unending allegiance to the truth in the face of insurmountable struggles and your patience and perseverance in translating the research from scientific to layman's terminology so that we, the patients have the choice and ability to alter our lives forever.

I feel privileged to have met you in C this past week. I enjoyed and appreciated the humor and candor with which we worked through the vegetarian issues and the patience you displayed for me to comprehend the chemistry of the course.

Thank you so much for being a part of my transitional milestone to health.
Many Blessings

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