Suicidal thoughts, sometimes called floating suicidal thoughts that invade one's thoughts more than a dozen times a day are frequently noted in people with - again, the low cholesterol - presence of mercury fillings - condition. Most people do not actually commit suicide, but think of it so often that they think they are crazy and will not even mention the condition to friends, family, or professionals. Upon questioning, we have found these floating thoughts in over 50 percent of the patients treated over the past several decades. These, apparently mercury generated thoughts, usually dissipate within two to three days after treatment is initiated when all of the protocol is applied. The improved atmosphere of living within one's mind without these thoughts gives and entirely different life for these people.

Sometimes these mercury related thoughts are called "suicidal tendencies". Tendencies? Sounds gentle, doesn't it? But it is not. This is probably the area that upsets me most about the amalgam issue. Of the over 2000 patients that we saw over the past ten years, a very high percentage had suicidal tendencies. These tendencies were in the form of thoughts of suicide that came over them for no particular reason. Sure, if the enemy is coming over the hill and they have in mind stringing you up with rawhide and letting you stretch to death, suicide offers a better way out. If the building is on fire and you are going to sizzle or jump to a quicker death, this to me is not suicide. It is making a choice about what is inevitable. That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about the well over half of my patients who had thoughts of suicide appear in their minds several times a day. For years. Who can you tell? No one. It puts you into isolation. People, even family and friends -- especially family and friends -- will think you are crazy. Or at the least, they won't take you seriously. Isolation. What a thing to live with in isolation.

And what makes it happen? Where do these thoughts come from? Ask your psychiatrist, or psychologist, or ask me. The origin in many of my patients was right under their nose. Mercury.

It seems to me, after counseling over 1000 suicidal patients, that the natural reaction of mercury in the brain is the release of suicidal thoughts. You are not crazy. Let me repeat, you are not crazy. Suicidal thoughts are the natural reaction of the toxic exposed brain. It is not you. I know you. I have seen so many of you who are mercury toxic that I know who you are. And I know what you are not. You are not crazy.

I used to play a game. Even when the questionnaires were blank in the area of emotional disturbances, there were certain chemistries that gave it away. When I would notice these chemistry combinations, I would start moving papers around. I would puzzle over figures on one page, then go to another page, then use one of the medical terms I learned in my internship. "Hummmm" I would say. That's the medical term I learned. "You know, you have the same chemical patterns I have seen recently in people who have UNEXPLAINED suicidal thoughts." Once in a while people would break down and cry instantly. They had lived in isolation, many due to their religions that preached that you don't even think about such a thing, much less talk about it, or God's gonna gitcha. Satan will have your soul. Maybe Satan already has your soul. In this case I equate Mercury to Satan. What else can take a perfectly happy, loving soul and convert it to a frightened internal nightmare over which you have no control?

Too strong? Not if you ask my patients who experienced living in their own private hell, then were able to throw off the suicidal thoughts and live loving lives without constant fear that they might take their own lives.

What have we noticed that stimulates these thoughts? First there is the negatively charged amalgam filling in the mouth. Almost all of the new "state of the art" high copper amalgams produce negative charge. In the presence of a negative electrical environment, mercury leaching out of the fillings is converted momentarily into the deadly methyl mercury. Methyl mercury can cross the blood brain barrier, the placental barrier, in fact, there is no barrier to methyl mercury. It is about 100 fold more neurotoxic than the elemental mercury given off from the filling initially.

We have also noted that if a child has braces and amalgam, that the emotional reactions and school grades suffer more. Add that to a diet rich in sugar and soft drinks and it is no wonder that we have "teenage behavior". We have seen so many young people change personalities in 24 hours after braces and amalgam were removed, that we wonder why it is such common practice. I have heard orthodontists say that they noted grade point averages drop and attention spans fade after braces are put on, but they thought it was just the psychological trauma of having "railroad tracks" on their teeth.

This is an area that I will be examining more thoroughly in the near future. Please, if you, or any family member have experienced suicidal tendencies, or know of the actual events having taken place and have access to dental records from the two years previous to the event, let me know. You have my e-mail address. You are not crazy. You are really OK. Remember, suicidal thoughts are the natural reaction to the presence of toxic metals. Don't live in the dungeon of hurt when with a little effort and guidance, you can live the life you deserve to experience.

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