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Root Canals: Savior or Suicide (Booklet - Spiral Bound)

Root Canals: Savior or Suicide (Booklet - Spiral Bound)
Dr. Weston Price, was head of research for the ADA for 14 years, and Mayos Brothers Clinic, researched root canals for over 40 years. Root canal teeth are dead (although the American Dental Association prefers the term "non-vital"). What does non-vital mean? Dead. But it sounds less offensive. Dentists "sterilize" a column of air in the center of the tooth where the nerve used to be, and fill it with wax. The tooth is still dead. What do dead things do in the body?

The real problem is neither in the nerve chamber, nor much in the dentinal tubules. Other areas manufacture anaerobic bacteria producing some of the most detrimental neurological poisons known to mankind and science. Ever heard of botulism? Tetanus? Toxins found in root canal teeth can be even more potent.

Is there a way to neutralize these toxins? How long can you live with them if you are healthy? Do X-rays tell the whole story about root canals? No. What percentage do they tell?

What is worse? A root canal tooth that hurts continually or one that does not hurt at all? Of what influence do antibiotics have on your health when given for protection of a root canal tooth?

What does a root canal even look like? Pictures of the procedure, how it is done and where it is in the tooth will help enlighten you. What are the options? If a tooth is removed, what is the consequence cosmetically and functionally? Why is removing a root canal tooth considered the most dangerous procedure that can be done in dentistry? Are there ways to protect yourself? Is your dentist aware of these, or capable of doing them? These are just of a few of the questions that you should have answers to before considering having a root canal done.
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