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Patient Empowerment (Softcover)

Patient Empowerment (Softcover)
Fear. You think you were afraid to go to the dentist yesterday. Wait until you read this. Yes, we fear the unknown, pain, loss of teeth—but—do you really know the consequences of current dental procedures? Dental fillings contained toxic mercury 100 years ago, and dentists still place 100,000 mercury-emitting fillings every day in the U.S. Who of you knows that mercury is the primary cause of autoimmune diseases? That 100% of the 30,000,000 root canals placed yearly are havens for disease-producing bacteria? That dental nickel is related to breast cancer? And why have you not been informed of these consequences?

Fear. A dentist who discloses the truth of toxicity of dental materials will end up selling used cars. Dentistry’s “Gag Rule” endangers your health and happiness, as well as that of your unborn children, via DNA damage. Dr. Hal Huggins has decided it is time to stop the travesty by informing the public of the secrets in your mouth. Having previously blown the whistle on mercury in amalgam, he rises up again to slay more dragons. To preserve your health.
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