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Detoxification (Booklet - Spiral Bound)

Detoxification (Booklet - Spiral Bound)
DETOXIFICATION IS RETOXIFICATION. That is the most important thing to know about detoxification. Whether we are exposed and are bring toxins into out body, or "detoxing" and taking them out of the body, toxins go through the blood stream either way. How the blood cops determine which way toxins are going is a miracle in itself.

Detoxification is one of our major problems, usually because it is done with too strong of drugs - given in too large of doses - and too often. The oft-used statement, "healing crisis", in my mind is half right. It is not the releasing of toxins that is the problem. Many drugs can do that. It is the excretion of the toxin that restores health.

There are two types of detoxification. Chemical and non-chemical. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Some are readily available for some people, while others have no access to them. You need to pick what works best for you in your situation. Drug oriented detoxification frequently does greater damage than good, so you really need to know the how to get toxins out and the consequences of treatments before trying them.

There are intravenous solutions, pills, powders, potions, and lots of advertising claims. We have seen tremendously uncomfortable reactions to all types of detoxification, but the overview is too much, too fast, too often.

When is it to be done is another frequent question. Detoxing prior to dental revision is like drying off while standing under the shower. Before, during or after dental revision is another question. When is the maximum exposure - and to what? There is a lot to consider when evaluating detoxification, and the advertisements are not always written by people who have seen the problems.
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