The Protocol

Over nearly 40 years, many techniques for balancing chemistries have been tried. Those that assisted in correction of the chemistries were combined into what is now called "the Protocol". Those that hindered, or did not help were discarded.
Today's Protocol includes:

  • use of the rubber dam
  • sequential removal of fillings
  • avoidance of the 7-14-21 day immune cycles
  • conscious sedation
  • use of blood serum immunologically tested compatible dental replacement materials
  • Blood chemistry as a method of establishing the Ancestral Diet.
  • Blood chemistry as a method of determining what (if any) supplementation is needed - as well as a method of monitoring changes in needs
  • use of acupressure to reintroduce nerve-muscle interaction
  • use of massage to assist in balancing calcium metabolism and white blood cell function
  • use of intravenous Vitamin C to assist in detoxification and supply electrons to the mitochondria for ATP formation
  • monitoring chemistries to determine if healing is over correcting, under-correcting, or is on course.
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