Now That We Are Mercury Free – Secondary Immune Response

Written by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS

Now that we are mercury free
and ready to get on with life
We jump right in and start to sin
and promptly experience the knife
But life is new a whole new view
and your body is full of action
A wake up call prevents a fall
Please meet the secondary immune reaction

It took a lot of learning and planning to undergo a dental revision which included getting rid of silver-mercury fillings, nickel crowns, root canals and cavitations, so we should be free from toxicity and able to resume a normal carefree life. Right? Not exactly.

Once your body has been damaged, it cannot be put back into show room condition. Repaired and functionally improved, yes, but back to when you were 16 years old? No. We have one patient who went from wheel chair to respectfully finishing a triathlon, but not without lots of low stress (yes) training, and butt chewing from me. I did not approve, for a damaged body must be respected after recovery, but some people are unsinkable. It is your decision, and I will love you either way; but in general, be respectful of your new life, and don't push it. I know of dozens of other patients who pushed the window and crashed. The percentages paint the picture.

You are a different person after dental revision and its associated protocol. As your immune system recovers, it develops a resentment against whatever gave it the original overwhelming challenge. As it thinks about the years of less than effective activity, it decides to help you avoid repeating the same scenario. It does this by superreacting any time you even get close to a mild exposure. For instance, if mercury were your primary challenge, then after immune recovery - say three or four months - with no mercury exposure, then you eat fish. Methyl mercury - the worst kind of mercury exposure. Your body may develop a wake-up call for you in order to inform you that you have sinned against your immune system. It can do this in the form of diarrhea (get rid of the offensive material), or if you are healthier, vomiting, or if your immune system is in really good shape it may inform you via simultaneous diarrhea and vomiting.

Another surprising part is that helpful detoxification agents like chelation, homeopathics, chlorella, DMPS and other chemical aids to detoxification behave differently AFTER dental revision than before. Detoxification is a lifestyle, not a brief encounter. This doesn't mean don't use chemical detoxification. Just be aware that there is a new set of rules for those previously damaged folks who are now on the health path without resident toxins than the person whose immune system is so beat up that it doesn't respond unless something is life threatening.

You become offended. "I went through all of this to be in better shape, and now look at me worshiping a toilet." Your body is doing this because it loves you. It is protecting you. It really does take a mental adjustment to understand that this is a protective mechanism and not punishment.

Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, is a leading pioneer and the world's foremost authority in identifying toxic dental materials, balancing body chemistry and developing a multi-disciplined approach to reversing autoimmune diseases.

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