In this section, you will find hotlinks to other sites that we feel are valuable for one reason or another. Some of them are related specifically to mercury, while others have been chosen because of coverage of other relevant issues.

Please note: In choosing to hotlink to these sites, we are not necessarily expressing total agreement with their contents. The links are not listed in any particular order.

    – Dr. Stuart Scheckner's blog

    – Radio interview with Dr. Huggins on December 12, 2009.

    – Operation Paradise: Five Amazing breakthroughs, Five Outrageous Persecutions.

    – Devoted to providing information and education to the public about dental materials (such as mercury, dental amalgam, nickel, and root canals) and practices that may be connected to health issues. also discusses some of the emerging techniques being utilized to ensure safer dentistry.

  • Alternative Medicine Digest
    – A wonderful magazine, on-line or in hard copy. These are folks who put out Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide. Lots of good stuff there.

  • Citizens For Health
    – An organization dedicated to gaining and maintaining freedom of choice in health care. If you want to be active in spreading the word, contact them with your offer of time to help them.

  • Hope & Healing
    – My Victory Over MS, by Debra D. Kaiser.

  • Leading Edge International Research Group
    – Abstracts on mercury and mercury toxicity.

  • Toxic Teeth
    – For really current (48 hours) legal aspects of the fight to eliminate toxins from dentistry.

  • Dr. Robert Cathcart, Orthomolecular Medicine
    – Orthomolecular Medicine deals with natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fats, diet in the prevention and treatment of diseases, Vitamin C (orally and IV), and chelation used to handle health questions.

  • Dr. James Wilson, Adrenal Fatigue
    – Adrenal Fatigue is a health disorder that can affect anyone who experiences persistent or severe emotional or physical stress. It is also an important contributing factor in health conditions ranging from allergies to obesity. Despite its prevalence in our modern world, Adrenal Fatigue has generally been ignored and untreated by the medical community.

  • DAMS
    – Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (There is a link that says visit this link for detailed information)

  • Living Waters Water Treatment Systems
    – A new, patented approach to water conditioning that doesn't rely on magnets or magic to improve the quality of your water!

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