Leukemia was first discovered within a year of the start of placement of mercury amalgam as a filling material for teeth. Dr. Huggins's first exposure to the mercury issue involved leukemia. Dr. Olympio Pinto of Rio de Janeiro told him that his own father - also a dentist - had reversed a case of leukemia in 1929 by removal of mercury containing amalgam at that time. The younger Pinto suggested that Huggins remove amalgams, place them, take a series of CBC (red and white blood cells) and decide for himself if mercury challenged the immune system. Huggins, as Pinto had done years ago, recognized the changes and stopped placing amalgam immediately.

Huggins informed the American Dental Association of the problem and they tried to destroy him rather than protect the public. Why? Money. There is a tremendous liability for them for exposing the public to a known toxin when they knew it was poisonous.

Not all leukemia responds as fast as those that have shown drops of white cells by over 50,000 count within a few days, but the cause is fairly obvious and help is available on a limited basis to select individuals. The important point is that doesn't have to happen.

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