Intro to Root Canals: Savior or Suicide?

Written by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS

I owe this book to Dr. Weston Price who gave more to dentistry than any dentist — ever. His huge textbooks are extremely thoroughly documented and his published articles are of greater significance than one can imagine. I have even read his Sunday School lectures. Read about his inventions. Read how he saved a city from financial disaster. A true genius and humanitarian! He led me to the greatest feelings I have ever experienced, for his guidance has helped me give life back to compromised patients. I got the credit, but he and the patient did the work.

After my introduction to Price's monumental work, it was over six years before I could add one word to his information. Now, after being exposed to extremely sophisticated equipment that is ultra expensive, maybe I can add a few words in description at a molecular level of what he found at a practical level. Much of his story is beneficial in treating today's ever-expanding array of incurable diseases. I have been able to see these connections and to determine what it takes to reverse them. I have a debt to repay and I shall do it by passing on to others what I have gained from him plus what I have learned by standing upon his shoulders. This is no place for one afraid of heights, for he took dentistry to greater heights than any man alive. Just looking above his eyebrows is scary enough.

Although this very thorough book took much time to complete, it is now, at long last, in print! It consists of over 70 pages and includes many descriptive pictures. The target audience is anyone who does not know what root canals are, how they are done and what they do both mechanically and biochemically. After reading the book titled: "ROOT CANALS: SAVIOR OR SUICIDE?" you will have a better idea of what root canals are doing to you and for you.

Cavitations are new to most dentists. I was one of the first in the U.S. to do one and that was in 1987. Germany preceded us by a few decades, but not much was said about them until the past 10 years. Finding a cavitation on an X-ray is really tough. In my training, I missed the first 50 or so I tried to find. It is finding a piece of air within bone, which requires a highly developed imagination along with a few years of experience.

I have tests that show what cavitations (unhealed socket areas that occur in almost all wisdom teeth areas and in over half of the other extraction sites) can do to energy levels and blood pressures that are uncontrollable.

Both of these subjects (root canals and cavitations), will be combined to fulfill my personal obligation to Dr. Price for what he did for me and for the message he spent most of his professional life trying to give to humanity. This book is available in our Online Store.

Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, is a leading pioneer and the world's foremost authority in identifying toxic dental materials, balancing body chemistry and developing a multi-disciplined approach to reversing autoimmune diseases.

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