Indigestion can be the result of mercury escaping from fillings and entering the stomach and intestinal tract along with food that was chewed upon mercury fillings. The abrasion of food on fillings releases 1500 percent more mercury than a filling just sitting in the mouth. Even though this has been published in an ADA owned dental journal, the fact is ignored by the dental profession and the ADA has threatened to apply sanctions to dentists who mention the fact.

As mercury enters the gastrointestinal tract, it can touch (not combine with) many of the "friendly intestinal bacteria" and change them into unfriendlies. These bacteria do not know how to digest carbohydrate, protein or fat, so the result is indigestion. The process called the C-Flush - a mechanical way of removing the bad bacteria - will aid in elimination of these mercury-stimulated bacteria and then one can restore the normal flora of the gut and indigestion can disappear. Generally this is an easy situation to correct, but 10 percent to 20 percent of the people will have to have more attention paid to this area of mercury interference.

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