H.U.G.S. Program for Kids

H.U.G.S. – Help Us Grow Strong.

When your children are playing and giggling together, you smile. When they fall and hurt their leg, you're sad. When your child accidentally breaks your favorite lamp or colors all over your favorite book, you may get angry.

No matter what feelings you have for your children, you always love them and want them to be happy and healthy. You only want the best for them, but sometimes things just seem to get in the way, things like sicknesses or behavioral issues.

Did you know that Dr. Huggins has studied children on a biological level? Through reviewing blood tests and hair samples he has come to understand over the past decades how to help correct and prevent illnesses and other issues:

"...kids today have more weird diseases than their parents and grandparents... Autism, ADD, ADHD and lots more initials are being added to the diseases of unknown origin category..."

"...vaccines play a role, dental chrome crowns and silver-mercury fillings also play a role, but deficient mineral levels can be corrected much easier..."

Over the years, Dr. Huggins has treated thousands of adult patients and is now focusing on the next generation. If we can help correct and prevent these diseases while children are still young, they can grow and mature healthier.

When reviewing the test results from numerous hair and blood results, Dr. Huggins found that children's blood would fluctuate so much that the hair analysis was the only way to determine accurately what supplements are needed and what foods are best recommended.

"...I found that kids have as much as 4 times the requirements for certain minerals while growing and developing stages..."

"The purpose of this report is to analyze what is going on in the mineral sector and suggest methods of balancing excesses and deficiencies with clear cut goals in mind..."

"Analysis and interpretation takes the guess work out of trying to do the best for our kids by supplementing them."

The H.U.G.S. Program is designed for children ages 12 and younger. The report includes the cost of the Hair analysis, initial supplementation, completed report, and all shipping fees. Unlike the adult version, "Huggins Recovery Program", a blood test is not necessary and a consultation is not included but is recommended.

Children are increasingly coming down with odd diseases to make us parents pull our hair out. The increase in diseases can be directly correlated with the increase in dental toxicity, maybe not directly in the children but in the parents, grandparents, or earlier generations. Dr. Huggins has designed a system to protect the whole family and help them heal.


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