Brain Fog And Memory Problems

From somewhat the same origin as mercury generated mental problems, comes mercury generated brain fog. Brain fog can come from mercury alone, but usually root canals are also involved. The toxins formed around the tooth in an encasement called the periodontal ligament squirt into the body's lymphatic drainage system every time a person bites down.

Together, mercury and these toxins invade the hippocampus and amygdala  portions of the brain and create havoc. Brain fog generally shows improvement within a few days of initiation of treatment, but mercury generally requires a few weeks before notable changes occur. If this is not stopped, it may gradually progress into Alzheimer's disease. Mercury is the primary interference factor, but the toxins from root canals and cavitations play a significant, if unknown, role. If root canals and cavitations are not treated, success is far short of what could have happened.

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